Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Fire

Here's a little poem for you tonite. Have wet dreams.

I took a walk one night
with rain coursing through
my veins,
forming layers of ice
upon touching the cold

I came upon a forest
where I saw a gleam
of fire light.
Beautiful naked creatures
danced in the glow,
and I yearned to be the fire,
but filled with downpour
in my belly, I knew
I could never be.

So I stood outside the circle
a dried twig of leaves in
my hands,
and beckoned and pleaded
to the fire,
"Give me only a hint of a
spark, and I will make
you grow in ways you've
never dreamed."

And she did.

When the spark hovered
precariously on the leaves,
I blew upon it gently
and ran quick before it could die.
I found a quiet cove,
where I deposited the
tiny ember
into a soft bed of dried leaves.
Watching in awe,
I caressed it with
my whisper
until finally, a flame appeared.

I was so proud.
I fed her with more
leaves, which she
consumed hungrily,
then moved onto twigs and stems.
The fire beamed under my
and I basked in her

Layers of ice began to melt
and the fire grew.
- By Autumn Seave

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