Sunday, July 23, 2006

Missing my baby

Really, really missing my baby tonite. He's been away "parent-sitting" for one of his friends who are out of town. I love that - parent-sitting. Heh.

You know, I always miss the sex. We both do. I am relieve to have finally found a man that likes sex as much as I do and is equally happy to be pleasing me as to have me please him. But I really miss the intimacy - his touch, his very presence, his warmth. Those things are so little but so huge at the same time.

The very fact that he loves my erotica is inspiring. He read the last segments of Sorority ( and just loved it. He can't get over the fact that I have such a dirty mind, yet can write this stuff while I'm sitting at a table at the public pool watching my kids swim! Heh. And I think I have him thinking about things he's never even considered before. That's always a good thing. I think partners should challenge each other's boundaries as well as accept the hardcore boundaries that have been set.

What boundaries are you willing to cross? Which one are untouchable?

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