Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Naughty Girls

They were best friends first. Then they were lovers. And eventually, they were everything in between.

Shamira and Coco lived together in a tiny little apartment in the Bronx that was still more than they could afford. They pulled whatever jobs they could to get by. But their poverty meant nothing to them because at least here they could be who they were and they could love each other freely. Well, more freely than they could in the small town that they grew up in.

When they were kids, they played in the sandbox, letting their dark skin become coated in a thin layer of dust. When they were pre-teens, they chased the boys down the streets with sticks waving above their heads because the boys had been under the jungle gym trying to get a peek at their panties. When they were teenagers they discovered the joys of girl kisses and everything that came after that and they never turned back.

Not even after the pictures came out.

One afternoon, about a week before graduation, they were at Coco's house talking about how they were going to get out of this hick town and head for the big city. Coco was going to be a model and Shamira was going to be her agent and they were going to strike it rich and show everyone. As it often did, their talk turned into a makeout session that didn't want to stop. Fortunately, Coco's mom was working at the diner until late that night. But the sun felt so good on their skin that they didn't want to close the blinds. No one ever came by Coco's house anyway.

So they lay there in the sun and removed articles of clothing randomly, as their hands roamed over their bodies. Shamira loved playing with Coco's nipples. She got off on how much the nipples stuck out when she pinched them. And she loved the taste of them as she rolled the hard points between her tongue and her top teeth. Coco lay beneath her, letting Shamira have her way, as she always did.

Shamira liked that Coco would let her do anything and she took advantage of it. She especially liked that Coco got off on pretty much anything she did. When Shamira got a cucumber from the fridge and slid a condom over it, Coco spread her legs to reveal her soft pink opening and gave herself up to her. And when Shamira slowly slid it inside, gradually giving her more, Coco pushed against it. And when she began to lick her clit, Coco came hard and fast, clenching her muscles against the cucumber so hard that she pushed it right out. Shamira liked to try new things so Coco was rarely surprised, but often challenged.

When Shamira stopped sucking at Coco's nipples, Coco opened her eyes to see what Shamira had in mind. Shamira was poised above her. She straddled Coco sideways so that one knee was between her legs and the other was off to the side by her belly.

"Raise your hips," Shamira commanded.

Coco did. Shamira placed a pillow beneath her bottom. The pillow tilted her open lips and brought them higher. Then Shamira began to tease her.

Ever so lightly, she let her own sex rub agains Coco's. Their juices mingled and Coco took a breath inwards. Shamira had touched her down there plenty of times but never with her own open flesh. Gradually, Shamira brought herself closer and closer until their bodies danced together in the kind of dance that teachers break up at sock hops. Shamira continued her dance, circling her hips like she was in a Calypso parade. As her hands found Coco's breasts again, Coco began to moan.

Pinching her nipples hard between both fingers, Shamira said, "I want you to come for me Coco. Come for me like you never have before. Come into me and be with me forever."

Their grinding intensified and Shamira felt small tremors build within her. Coco was like an animal this time, bucking against her mound and raising her higher. Coco's familiar sounding orgasm echoed through the room, immediately followed by Shamira's more controlled one.

When Coco opened her eyes, she saw Jimmy and Sheldon at her window with a Polaroid camera.
"Get the fuck out of here you morons!" she screamed.

They never made it to graduation. They coudn't after the photos were passed around the school, confiscated, and given to their parents. But they never regretted it. And now they were living one dream of being together and following another dream. Surely, Coco would be discovered any day now.


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