Monday, October 23, 2006

Sex Survey

Greetings all,
I found this survey that I had created for an ex-boyfriend who had a hard time talking about sex. He was a tad inhibited to say the least but curious. I created this as a way for us to find out what each other was interested in and where each other's boundaries were. I never did it with him (the survey that is!). But my fiance found it and we did it together and it was very interesting and I think we are in for a very good time.
Now I think it would be interesting to find out how others answer, where there boundaries are, and give them the same chance to discuss this with their partner. Sorry girls, but this is somewhat hetero slanted. Perhaps I'll develop a survey that is more open to lesbian/bi/gay relationships as well.
Anyway, do the first Inky Blue Allusions Sex Survey. There is also an options to download it so that you can print it out and share and discuss it with your partner.

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