Thursday, March 08, 2007

March is Inky Blue Allusions ONE YEAR anniversary!

Yay us! Inky Blue Allusions is one year old this month! And what a journey it has been. You know, I started Inky Blue Allusions on a whim. I was playing around on the computer, debating on where to send my next story and working on Sorority (not sure what I wanted to do with it) when I remembered my ideas for a website. I wanted to start a website where writers could publish their work, where they could feel that they had some real input, and where they could feel at home. I wanted to create a site for readers that loved erotica but were tired of the sites where anyone could put their stories up so that they, the readers, would have to sift through the rubble to find the good stuff. Ultimately, that is still my goal and I believe IBA reaches it on different levels as time goes on.

We've grown so much, too. It all started with a email delivery subscription to individual serials. Then came the short stories. Then galleries, a membership section, personalized stories, audioerotica, and the Inky Blue Allusions Lulu store. We've changed templates, changed web hosts, and joined some great web rings.

I have to give special thanks to Sara Winters, our Queen of Marketing and Promotions, who has spent a lot of time and effort getting our name out there. Sara truly believe in IBA and sees the value of a site like ours. Sara is also a contributor with two serials, several free stories, and several stories in the membership section. Without Sara, it would have been so easy to just let it all fall by the wayside but she's kept me on my toes and is a big part of IBA.

I hope you'll help us celebrate our one year anniversary by stopping by often this month. Every single day I am going to give away something single day. All you have to do is be the first to respond! Somedays there will be a question to go along with it, other days all you have to do is send the email. Memberships, audioerotica stories, e-books, personalized stories - all you have to do is keep your eyes out and get ready to send the email!

Go visit the front page of Inky Blue Allusions! Our first giveaway will be announced at midnight tonight!

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