Monday, April 23, 2007

IBA Newsletter #9

The latest IBA Newsletter is out! Ok, so I'm two weeks late on my new monthly schedule. I quit making promises as I know I don't stick to them. Not at the moment. But I will try to keep to a monthly newsletter and when and if I can I'll send out a few updates.

The newsletter is private to prevent minors from reading so here's an extract to give you a taste:
The feature story in the newsletter is a story that comes from one of the membership section writers. Cynthia Rayne writes mostly about girl-girl BDSM themes but has a couple hetero stories as well.

Here's an exerpt from her story, Public Pet:

"Come on, pretty. It's time to go out," Lisa purred. "You've been such a good pet by putting all of our things away. Your reward is a walk." She unfurled the leather leash she used to lead me. It snapped open easily. "Come here."

I felt a rush of illicit pleasure at her words. She was actually going to take me outside the comfortable confines of our hotel room and show me off. Lisa and I had played bondage games in the privacy of our own apartment plenty of times, but this was the first time we'd do so in public. I kept my head bowed, my mouth shut, and my legs apart as instructed. When doing a scene, Mistress Lisa was very strict. Deliciously so.

I still couldn't believe I was doing this. I'd had fevered fantasies for ages about being put on display, but I was really going to do it. I trusted Lisa completely and I'd confessed this to her when we first got together. We both worked at a law firm in Chicago and she was my boss. We'd fallen into a relationship quite by accident. She told me she could see my desire to submit to her in my eyes. When I was late for a meeting once, she'd taken me in my office and berated me for my negligence. I was rushing to explain myself when she smacked my ass with a file folder. The anger had quickly elevated to sexual arousal. Lisa had watched with a knowing expression as my nipples peaked under my silk shirt and my breathing grew a bit shallow. We've been together ever since.

You can read the rest of Public Pet here.


What else is in the newsletter? Here's the regular column's:

1. Autumn's Allusions
2. What's New at IBA
3. Feature Story
4. Blog of the Week
5. Pics of the Week
6. Giggles and Grins
7. The Tickle Trunk

The feature story is often replaced by Verdanna's Diary - when I manage to get a new segment up!

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