Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I used to work in restaurants both as a cook and as a waitress. And I have to say I really miss it some days.

Restaurant people (and yes, I know I'm generalizing) are a lot of thing including:
  • fun
  • open minded
  • energetic
  • party people
  • crazy

But the main thing I found is that people that work in restaurants are sexy as hell. I don't just mean attractive sexy but also mind sexy. They tend to have really dirty minds, which of course I love. I fit in well when I was doing the restaurant thing.

I once worked in a chain restaurant as a line cook. I was the only woman on the line in the evening and I was 10 years older than the majority of the other cooks. But those little boys in their 18, 19, and early twenties, loved me. The flirted with me all night long as we cooked. The sexual innuendo flew up and down the line, little whispers in my ear, suggestions...every single night I would leave that place as horny as a bitch in heat. And I'd come home and take it out on my then husband. Working there is what led me to thinking about a threesome (and eventually to fulfilling that thought once), getting my nipples pierced, and writing erotica. I had to have some sort of venue. My poor ex couldn't handle all that sex. And by the time I was working there, he wasn't what I was craving anymore.

Later I worked as a waitress at another popular restaurant and it was just as heated there, if not more. Even though I didn't work on the line any more, the cooks loved that I could throw it back at them as fast as they dished it out. The place was always charged with sexual energy. One of the favorite games there was "show and don't tell". There was a back hallway where the game took place between various staff members. I'm not going to tell you whether I ever ventured there or not though. The beer cooler was another popular place of "show and don't tell" as one of the bartenders was a sexy Richard Gere in his younger days look alike. He was so hot and he loved women of all shapes and sizes.

Sometimes I really miss working in restaurants. I think that when I quit my day job (and that day is approaching faster than my employer's realize!) I'll get a weekend waitressing job just for fun.

Remind me to tell you some "stories" about those days. I have so many to tell...

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