Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Telling Stories

My fiance likes it when I tell him stories. Not necessarily stories that I've written (although he likes those, too) but just fantasies, stories of my past, or stories of things to come.

I like to tell him about Peaches because he loves it and it gets him so hard. What guy doesn't love having his fantasies indulged. Will I ever fulfill his girl/girl fantasies. Maybe. But until then, he gets lots of stories.

He'll start by asking me, "Tell me about Peaches and you."

"What do you want to know? About how she loves kissing? She does. She could kiss me for hours. She'd run the tip of her tongue over my lips and then her tongue would dart inside my mouth and she'd kiss me passionately. Long wet kisses that lasted forever."

He'd still be just listening intently.

"And my breasts. God, she couldn't keep her hands off them. Sometimes she'd come up behind me at work for a quick fondle when no one was looking. And sometimes when someone was looking. She was such a tease. But when we were alone..."

And he'd reach out and slip his hand under my shirt an start rubbing my nipple.

"When we were alone she couldn't resist touching them. She'd cup them both in her hands and rub her thumbs over the nipples until they were nice and hard. And then she'd reach out with that pretty pink tongue...she'd circle around the tips until I was moaning and then she'd take it in her mouth and suck. And I used to watch her because I loved the look of the paleness of my breast against her red lips. She'd happily sit there sucking my breasts, pinching the nipples and playing with me until my pussy was aching for her to touch me."

By that point he'd be sucking at my nipples, too. And his hand would slide into my panties where he'd find me very wet.

"Then when I'd finally beg her to touch me, she'd slide her fingers between my legs and rub my clit. She'd pull it between her thumb and finger and then she'd slip her fingers right inside me. She'd fuck me nice and slow with her fingers as her thumb rubbed against my clit. And she'd keep doing that and sucking my tits until I was grinding my pussy against her hand and moaning....yes, yes, yes..."

And now those yes's would be for him because he'd be between my legs with his wonderful tongue, making me writhe in pleasure.

Usually I don't get to finish the story because we get a little distracted. Maybe someday he'll get to see how the story ends.


Sara Winters said...

Hehehe. This might be the one time I'm not going to say what I'm really thinking.

Autumn Seave said...

Why? Is it bad? If it is I'm glad you are keeping quiet!

Sara Winters said...

Bad? No, just quite sexual and wholly inappropriate. My usual.

Mercedes said...

I thought it was lovely and erotic.

Mercedes said...

I thought it was very sexy and erotic. The writing was lovely.