Saturday, June 09, 2007

Acheiving Ecstasy Review

Katharine Tyler Brooks got a great review from TCM Reviews. Reviewer, Jasmine Vallombrosa had this to say:

In this highly anticipated anthology from the erotica author Katharine Tyler Brooks, Achieving Ecstasy – A Collection of Short Stories, is certain to raise your heartbeat. A hot sampling of her short works, you will be able to experience Achieving Ecstasy, Dreams of Domination, A Matter of Trust, Releasing Caroline, Giving Up Control, Love with the Right Spanker, and The Case of the Red Bottomed Blonde among others. All with a theme of spanking, Ms. Tyler Brooks will lead you along a journey into the satisfying world of hands and leather; each focused on stimulating your inner desires.

I found this collection to be widely diverse as the characters and plots were all varied. I felt that Ms. Tyler Brooks storytelling skills were highly demonstrative with a delightful amount of kink thrown in. I particularly enjoyed the emphasis she placed on sexual fulfillment and how it must be reached through all the titillating details she hints at. I couldn’t put the book down and as I sped through each page, I could not help but notice my temperature rising. Well done Ms. Tyler Brooks for creating such a delicious collection of your fine writing. I can’t wait to see the next one!

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