Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Blog that is a MUST READ

I wanted to point out this excellent blog entry by Deliciously Naughty called "Fat Can Be Sexy" because more women need to hear this stuff. DN writes about how her doctor suggested she should lose weight because she was thinking about getting pregnant. Isn't that the way it always is? Anytime you go to a doctor for anything - a cold, a splinter, a sprained ankle - the doctor will tell you to lose some weight if you have even a little bit more than they think you should have.

I think that you can be overweight and unhealthy but you can also be average weight and unhealthy and you're certainly unhealthy if you are underweight. But you can also be perfectly healthy being somewhat overweight. I know a fair amount of women that are overweight but have the stamina of a race horse. I know women that are overweight but eat health meals on a regular basis. I do not believe that just because they are overweight in the eyes of society that they are worse off than the girl that is average weight but eats at McDonalds ever day at lunch time and just happens to have a high metabolism.

There are a lot of myths about being overweight and larger women forget that it doesn't necessarily have to apply to them. Eat fruits and vegetable everyday, move your ass a couple or more times a week, and have a positive mental attitude. That will get you a lot further than going on a 1200 calorie a day diet and sitting in a group with a bunch of women planning for all the things you'll do "when I lose weight". Live life now. Not later.

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Rocco Tool said...

Some incredibly sexy women are overweight, and mature men know this.