Tuesday, August 21, 2007

TMI Tuesday

1. What’s the deal with blue balls?
I used to think that guys made it up but it's a physical condition! But that doesn't mean anyone should ever cave to sex because I guy is calling blue balls. There's other ways to deal with it. That's what baby oil/lube was created for!

2. What is the hottest vehicular sex scene in a movie?
Gee - in a movie? I seriously can't think of one!

3. Strap-on? yes, no, give, receive?
Why not? I'd try being on either end!

4. What is the average penis length?
5 inches? That's what I've always thought. Averages mean nothing though.

5. How do you stimulate his prostate? Guys, do you like it?
When I think of it I'll rub it with my finger as I go down on him. Truthfully, I usually forget about it. Does he want more of that? Guess he'll have to tell me.


Gracie said...

Happy TMI, dear :)

I couldn't think of a movie scene either ~ does that mean we watch the same films? ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice answers. Happy TMI! :o)

Bunny said...

Great answers! #3 - good to be open to new things! #5 - mine is very vocal about wanting more, more, more! Happy TMI!

Weekends Off said...

Hi there! I came to check out your answers, and I completely agree, averages mean nothing!

Great answers!

Shibari said...

Great Answers.... Loved it!
Happy TMI!

Enyo said...

No bonus this week awwww :(

lol j/k

I think the prostate is one of those places that often gets neglected...just because there can be so much else going on at the moment, especially if it is during oral sex...

and grats for being open minded about that strap on ;)

SeaRabbit said...

Nice answers... I dind't have much to say about movies either.. I wonder if men are more awared of those vehicle hot spots...
Have a nice Tuesday!