Sunday, November 09, 2008

Inky Blue Allusions & Dreams of an Erotica Queen updates

Greetings all.

If you've stumbled across this site you likely didn't know that it isn't often updated anymore but that is because it has been moved. I encourage you to check out some of my recent posts at the new Dreams of an Erotica Queen Blog:

Are All Sex Bloggers Exhibitionists?

TMI Tuesday First Experiences - First Love Poem

Do You Date Online?

Stay Still Dammit!

An if you haven't checked out Inky Blue Allusions before you'll want to check out the new site. We've recently had a new site design and since then have been adding loads of hot new content. You'll find free erotic stories, erotic serial stories, free adult websites, and so much more.

Check out some of the most recent additions:

Wrestling With Eric


Nude Skater Hottie

Getting Down

Adrenaline Rush

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