Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sorority Teaser

At 11:55 pm, I was waiting outside my dorm room when the limo pulled up. The limo driver got out and opened the door for me. Before I got in, I heard him say, “Miss?”

I turned to him and he said, “This has been requested … until we reach our destination.”

He was holding a black leather blindfold. I was curious about where we were going, but I let him tie the blindfold behind my head anyway. I love the smell of leather so I inhaled deeply as he guided me into the back of the car.

As we drove away, I sensed that there was someone else in the back of the limo with me. I could smell him as he moved closer towards me. I knew it was a man because he had that distinct, manly, just-out-of-the-shower scent. His hands touched my face and I jumped.

“Don’t be afraid,” he said. “I won’t hurt you. This ride is for you. Enjoy it because soon you will be expected to take care of other’s needs and put your own aside. So, for now, let me take care of yours.”

Although I wouldn’t know for some time, it was you in the back of that limo. You kissed me full on the mouth, your tongue darting in and out, teasing me. As you distracted me with your kisses, you removed my clothing and soon I was stretched out along the back seat. Your tongue and fingers played lightly over my nipples, encouraging them into hard points. Already, I wanted to beg you to fuck me as you pulled on my nipples with your teeth – but I held back. When your hand slid between my legs though, barely touching my outer lips, I couldn’t help moaning. I spread my legs in invitation and your long fingers disappeared inside me as your thumb grazed my clit. My hips rose to meet your fingers as they played with my desire. Then your tongue added to my pleasure. You flicked your hot pink tip over my swollen clit with slow deliberation. I raised my hips to meet your mouth but you pulled away when I got too close.

“Please, would you please fuck me now?”

“No.” You gave me no explanation.

“Please. I want you inside me!”

But you ignored me then. Instead you flicked your tongue faster over my clit, adding pressure until I came hard and fast.


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