Sunday, September 17, 2006

IBA Premier Newsletter

Welcome to the Inky Blue Allusions Newlsetter!
I'd like to thank everyone that has taken the time to join the newsletter. This has been awhile in the thinking process and I'm still working on what will and won't be included. Please let me know what you think, what you'd like to see, what you don't like, etc. I'd like to make this a newsletter that everyone will look forward to getting each week.
Also, please forward this newsletter to any friends you think would enjoy it!
Verdanna's Diary is getting hot and in the most recent entry she pairs up with a hot girl-next-door type she meets in the airport. Yes, I did say girl. Here's an exerpt:
On the first flight we came across some stormy weather and ended up circling the airport for about half an hour amidst the thunder and lightning. Flying was never an issue for me except when the plane was bouncing around like a kid on a trampoline. Finally, we landed only to find out that we’d have to wait on the tarmac until the lighting ceased. That only took an hour and a half. Of course, that was enough time for me to have missed my next flight. When I went to rebook I found that the next flight didn’t leave until 6 am. Yipee. I did think briefly about getting a hotel room and coming back in the morning but the girl behind me stopped me.

“I’m staying here for the night. Why don’t you stay and keep me company?”
Normally, I wouldn’t have bothered but there was something intriguing about her. She was blonde and blue-eyed with that girl next door look. She was very petite with breasts that were just a little too big for her tiny frame. But the thing that got to me was the way she licked her lips just after she spoke. I figured if nothing else came of the night I’d make an interesting new friend.

Read the rest of this entry here:
Verdanna's Diary - April 29/06

If you haven't read the previous entries to Verdanna's Diary you can read them


Did you all know I have a blog? A lot of it includes exerpts of stories on the site or Teasers but there is additional experiences and thoughts you might find interesting. Read
Dreams of an Erotica Queen for some more fun. Anything you want me to write about? Leave me a message and I'll try to include it!

Blog of the Week:
I came across a great blog called
A New Start , written by Green Eyes. She has some hot stories and her Friday Funnies are a great start to the weekend. Green Eyes is a single mom, like me, so make sure you show her some love in her comments and tell her how you found out about her.

Pictures of the week:
Who doesn't like erotic photography? Ok, weirdo, put your hand down. I think your in the wrong place! Just don't click on the links below if you don't want to see anything hot!

Grove's Photography

Something to suck on


Once Upon a Time

Everyone needs some funny stuff in their life so here are a few jokes I've enjoyed this week!

Making Love To...
How can you tell if you're making love to a teacher,a nurse or an airline stewardess? A teacher says we got to do this over and over again til we get it right. A nurse says hold still this won't hurt a bit. And a airline stewardness says put this over your mouth and nose and breathe normally.

Tricked Him
One day this girl, who is wearing a skirt, goes out to play with her friends. She goes to the park and meets a boy. They talk about climbing trees. The boy says to the girl: "Go on climb that tree."The girls climbs up and the boy just stands there and looks up to the girls pants. After a while the girl goes home and tells her mum about what happened. Her mum says: "oh my stupid girl he just stood there and watched your pants."The next day she went out again with her skirt on and met THAT boy again. He told her to climb again and she did.when she got home she tells her mum what happened again and her mum says: "My stupid girl he just stood there and watched your pants."The girl replied and said: "No actually I tricked him, this time i did not wear any pants!"

Loving on the Lawn
A man was walking one day, when he came to this big house in a nice neighbourhood. Suddenly he realised there was a couple making love out on the lawn. Then he noticed another couple over behind a tree. Then another couple behind some bushes by the house. He walked up to the door of the house, and knocked. A well dressed woman answered the door, and the man asked what kind of a place this was. "This is a brothel", replied the madam."Well, what's all this out on the lawn?" queried the man."Oh, we're having a yard sale today."
Sex Toy of the Week:

Chris Wide Realistic Cock
Every have a fantasy about getting it on with two guys and doing the whole double penetration thing? This can be a great way to fulfill the fantasy with your mate without having to actually involve a third party. And if you do want to involve a third pary, this can be a fun way to try it out with your partner first to see if you can really handle two guys at a time. Ok, guys are thinking, "What about us?" - think about it hon. Can't you just see her riding on this baby while she's working you with her mouth? Or how about letting her play with this while you get to use the back door? You thought she was tight before....
I'm going to leave you with that delicious thought. Hope this makes your Monday a little bit easier to go into. Give me feedback on what you'd like to see here and I'll do my damndest to make it come true!
Autumn Seave

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