Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sex Advice?

I'd like to start including a sex advice column in my newsletter but I need someone to ask some questions! So, please do ask. Anything you like, even if it doesn't particularly apply to you. Ask something silly or something daring or something you're just curious about! I dare you!


Tara Tainton said...

I've got one for you! One that I'm asked quite often, and am never sure how to answer do to lack of my own experience, is for a recommendation for a first sex toy or vibrator. How would you advise a woman or man in selecting their first sex toy?


Blue said...

Being the complete innocent I am, (Yes, Sara is an innocent. ;-)) I always have plenty of questions about sex. For a few of these, you might want to ask other people to contribute answers if you don't know them all.

Can you name a few ways to alleviate discomfort during intercourse if changing positions and lubrication don't work or haven't had much affect? (I told the girl who asked to switch boyfriends. LOL)

Is size really an issue? More specifically, which holds more importance in giving pleasure, length or girth? And if you're lacking in one area, is there a way to compensate (different positions, etc.)?

Can you name at least 5 ways to pleasure your partner (male or female) with your mouth?

Same as above, with your hands.

What advice can you give a bi-curious woman on approaching her first time with another woman?

What should someone look forward to when attempting anal sex for the first time? (Male or female) How should they prepare?

How does anal sex affect a woman? Should different areas of the body be stimulated at the same time, or is penetration enough?

Is there any brand of lubricant you prefer over another and why?

Is there any brand of condom you prefer over another and why?

What can a woman do to reach orgasm with a male partner without offending him when she "helps" herself?

Are there any kind of rules you'd recommend for partners videotaping for the first time?

Are there any rules you'd recommend for partners considering swinging?

What kind of stimulation can nipple and clitoral piercings give a woman (and a man)?

How exactly is a cock ring used and is there any danger to it?

Is using your teeth during a blow job completely taboo?

Is there a way to use your teeth while performing oral sex on a woman without causing pain?

Can you name a few ways to stimulate a man using a vibrator?

Is there a way to help your partner get over their fear of being dominated?

I'll be back with more questions. ;)