Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Pleasure Palace

Sorry, I've been absent as of late. I've been attempting to make the site more noticeable with a lot of help from Sarah, one of my writers. She's helping me out on myspace and she's designed some really cool banners, which of course, I'm going to be putting up here for your personal use! Meanwhile, here is a Teaser of one of the serials that is available at my website. To read more serials go to and read some fun material!



Clear glass doors slid open into the lobby and a young couple stepped into the cool air. Rubbing her eyes at the dramatic change in lighting, Danielle turned to her husband with a raised brow. “Are you sure about this place?”

Jason grinned and put their suitcases on the rose-tinted carpet just inside the doorway. “Trust me honey, you'll enjoy this weekend. I've heard this place is pretty nice.”

“Yeah, but....” She shrugged and looked around the lushly appointed lobby. It looked ordinary enough, safe enough. “What about the stories? I know you said—”

“Dani, don't worry about it. Just enjoy the weekend, that's all I'm asking.” His voice was reassuring enough, but she still wasn't sure what to think of the hotel that was rumored to be the site of some pretty raunchy goings on.

She smiled as the bellhop approached them. “I'll try.”

The tall brunette stopped in front of them and issued a short bow. “Mr. and Mrs. Williams, welcome to The Palace, where it's our pleasure to service you. My name is William. If you like, I can be available to take care of all of your needs during your stay here.” He paused to give Danielle a wink.

Her face warmed and turned a soft pink in response. Maybe she would like this place.

“Would you like to make a stop at the bar while I take your bags upstairs?” William asked.

Danielle started to nod, but Jason shook his head quickly. “I think we need to get into our room as soon as possible.”

His wife laughed. “I was hoping we'd have time to catch our breath after the flight over here.”

William smiled as he picked up the bags and headed towards the elevator. “Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to explore the hotel's amenities. If you're like most of our guests, you'll put your names on the waiting list for a return visit before the weekend is over. Previous guests have priority.”

“There's a waiting list?” Danielle asked, incredulous.

The handsome bellhop smiled and winked over his shoulder. “Pleasure is in high demand.”

Neither Danielle nor her husband had a response to that. She was still trying to wrap her brain around the concept of a hotel that sold sex and games in high volume. Would she really be able to let go this weekend? She glanced over at her husband as they entered the elevator.

Jason was preoccupied with thoughts of how to talk his wife into a group activity before dinner. From what he'd heard about the room service “dessert menu,” it wouldn't be too hard to get her in the mood.

“Excuse me, William?” He turned to Danielle. “What are the extra buttons for?” She pointed to the elevator's control panel. “Reserved and Capture the Moment.”

William smiled before answering. “This is one of the hotel's most popular features. The High Rise fantasy lets guests indulge themselves in either our mirrored or clear elevators. If you enjoy the idea of being seen from the lobby, I recommend using the clear elevator and stopping around the third floor. The Reserved button stops the elevator and lights a sign on every floor to let guests know it's in use. Capture the Moment activates the hidden cameras, allowing you to keep a copy of your activities. After reviewing it, you may also make your video available to other guests in our video library, accessible from your room at no extra charge.”

Danielle's mouth had long since dropped open at his casual description. Jason noted his wife's reaction with a small smile. First they'd get to her fantasy, then his. He didn't mind waiting a bit. It would definitely be worth it.

As they approached the room, Jason and Danielle exchanged glances. Loud moans could be heard around the corner, male from the sound of them. William tried unsuccessfully to hide a smile as he grabbed the suitcases and walked in the direction of the hotel room—and the increasingly loud moaning. The group rounded the corner. They were greeted with a loud bang—something breaking?—and more moaning as they got closer to the room.

William stopped at 752 and shot a quick glance at the doorway across from the room before motioning the Williamses closer to their destination. They approached slowly, both mentally preparing to be shocked. Jason gasped when he realized what was going on. One of the hotel employees, decked out in a low cut, black lace maid's uniform, was having her way with a male guest in the open doorway, his wife looking on from the suite's couch, touching herself in time to the show. She had to have been having her way with him, not the other way around, Jason reasoned. The man was barely able to stand as she worked her hands and mouth on him, gasping short breaths as he ran his fingers through her hair, urging her to continue. Stopping for a second, she squeezed the base of his shaft tightly before taking all of him in her mouth again and quickly working her tongue over him. The guest banged on the door with a tightly balled fist before emitting another one of the loud moans they'd been hearing since getting off of the elevator. Danielle averted her eyes quickly and blushed, unsure if they should be watching.

“Did I mention that the hotel has excellent maid service?” William asked, his tone casual.

Danielle giggled and shook her head as William unlocked the door for them.

“While I'm thinking about it, let me tell you what else the hotel has to offer,” William offered. “Room service is just the tip of the iceberg.”

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