Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Oral Pleasure of Giving

You know, I'd never really been a vixen or a sexual goddess. Not in my younger days anyway. All I knew was that I liked having orgasms. When I discovered my own orgasm that was all I could think about at first. I didn't care how long it lasted (lucky for my ex!) or what all happened as long as I came.

It wasn't until much later that I learned that there was so much much more than just the orgasm. And one of the things that came along with that learning was discovering how much fun it was to orally please someone else! Not that I didn't try before - I just didn't have much fun with it.

One day it just clicked. I was with someone new, but someone I really cared about. We'd known each other in high school and gotten to know each other again as adults. The first time I was with him and I went down on him it just clicked. This is fun. He moaned, he groaned, he ran his fingers through my hair. When I continued with one action for more than 30 seconds his cock would twitch in my mouth. When I paid special attention to the rim around his head he clutch the sheets in his fist. And when I licked his balls? He'd go crazy and beg me to let him fuck me.

After that I realized that it was just a matter of letting go. Enjoying, playing, having fun with it. And yes, a little bit about power too. It was an exhilarating feeling to know that I held the answer to his needs in my hand - and in my mouth and in my tongue! Since then, I've learned that exploration is good. Playing is good. Experimentation is good. And if you're having fun, I can pretty much gaurentee that he is too!


Anonymous Erotica Writer said...

More cool stuff on your site again this week! Always worth the visit Erotica Queen!

Re your question on the pics ... just type in "copyright free pictures" & "sex" (or something ruder!)and heaps of sites will come up for you :-) It's kinda fun. I find it stimulates my mind for stories too!

rebeleyeball said...

Ah, letting go. That's what it's all about.