Sunday, November 12, 2006


Ok - everybody masturbates, whether they do it with great joy and as often as they can or whether it is with guilt and trepidation and only when they can no longer fight the urge. I feel bad for people whose masturbation is full of guilt but for many it is still that way. But that's not what I wanted to talk about - I'll save that for another time.

What I want to know is what do you think about when you masturbate? I always thought that everyone fantasized while they were masturbating but apparently that is not so. I especially hear a lot of men that say they just concentrate on getting off. Even for some women it is purely a means of "scratching an itch". Not for me.

When I masturbate, I like to have the time to fully get into it. I like to know that I am alone and won't be interrupted (although sometimes after writing an especially hot scene in a story I have to sneak into the bathroom with my magic bullet while the kids are busy elsewhere in the house and I have to concentrate on finding some quick release!) and completely get into a fantasy. Which is where a lot of my story ideas come from. I like to play with different settings - the park, a back alley, a hot tub, a restaurant kitchen, a bar... but almost always, the activities are very similar.

I usually get started with me and my boyfriend in a very public place where there are usually several men around for spectators. Sometimes women too, but in my fantasies it is usually men that get me off. If there are women there, they usually have a strap on. My boyfriend usually gets me to start playing with myself. Or he'll tell me to randomly approach someone and ask them to suck my tits. In my fantasies he wants me to show everyone what a naughty little slut I am. Of course, it progresses into a hot little gang bang scene with me as the center of attention. It almost always ends in anal penetration or if I'm in the mood for it, a double penetration.

Reality? It's not going to happen. I don't think I could handle it. But fantasy-wise it really turns me on.

So what is fodder for your fantasies? At what point in your fantasy are you going to come in real life (for me it is always the point of anal penetration). Are the people in your fantasies people you know or complete strangers or celebrities?


Alana said...

Hi Autumn,

What a happy surprise to cross paths with you via The Erotic Woman. Thank you for reading "Rock Stars . . ." and then posting your thoughts about it at my blog. I'll do the same when your story appears there. Love to read new writers.

Glad to hear you're a single mom too. My son is nine. I also hold down an office job by day.

In regards to your post here: When I masturbate I fantasize about JD Fortune, of course. Haha. Too easy, I know. Maybe once or twice.

Generally speaking I like to imagine a man or two or three are watching me masturbate, are urging me to come for them, can't get off until I come.

Sometimes I imagine I'm being fucked from behind by a man I can't see.

Other times, I like to imagine I'm with a young guy, legal but young and sweetly cute, like Elijah Wood or something, and he's so turned on by me he can't help coming too soon or coming multiple times. That's always hot.

Sometimes I like to imagine two beautiful men together, kissing and sucking and fucking, or a man alone jerking off and coming.

Lately though, and this is new for me, I like to watch myself in a mirror while I masturbate.


Alana said...

Damn, forgot to ask if I could link your blog. OK?


~Storm said...

For the past few months I have been masturbating WITH my partner so I feel off him watching me and telling me things he wants to do with me. I'm with Alana on the whole being watched thing. In real life I love for him to watch me, and in fantasy, sometimes it involves some sweet young (legal) thing licking me or fucking me, or being taken by some hot stud, or my partner J, who is luckily for me, the best fuck I have ever had. Then there are days I am writing or reading that I just need to get off like when you said you slip into the bathroom. it just depends on my mood. But pretty much all the time I fantasize about something, rather than just focusing on getting off.