Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Great weekend!

Finished a new story this weekend. I think it is pretty good. It is written from the male perspective and written under my male psuedonym. I'm not going to tell you what it is! Ha! If you're that curious, go to my website and see if you can figure out which "male" writer is me! But I chose to write some stories from a male perspective because I thought it would broaden my horizons - heh! Anyway, I finished this story and I couldn't resist reading it to my fiance because he'd liked the first part of it. So I did. Well, I forgot how reading an erotic story aloud and seeing how excited it got someone else could be so exciting. I finished my story, through it aside, and attacked him. He didn't fight back. And that was the END of our weekend!

We also went out for dinner at his best friends house and played cards all night. You know, that really doesn't sound very exciting but I have never really had "couples" friends. Not even when I was with my ex. We went over his friend's house and his friend had a wife but I didn't have any particular type of friendship with her. And all we ever did was sit around and watch the guys play video games. No real couple interaction.

I also did a lot of shopping. I picked up a digital voice recorder so that I can do a better job of recording my audio stories. I re-recorded "The Morning After" and it is much better than it was before. I'm working on doing one of the longer ones now.

You know I started this new series - not a serial but a series of stories along a theme. Some are related to each other and others are completely unrelated. Anyway, I started this new series and I have two written but I have at least ten of them in mind with plots and characters and everything and I just don't know how I am going to find time to write them all. And on top of that I want to start writing the sequel to Sorority (to be called Matrimony). I could spend some serious time writing if I had the time! Damn day job!

Anyway, I think the site is looking pretty damn good and I am fairly happy with it. I am getting used to updating the membership section every Monday to Friday - even though my damn testers aren't doing a very good job testing. But things are good.

Hope all is well with you!

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