Tuesday, January 09, 2007

We're people too!

I’ve been thinking about porn stars lately. Not about how hot they are or about their sex scenes in movies but porn stars as people. I kinda got started along this line of thinking when I saw the movie/documentary “Maneaters” starring Janine Linde-Mulder. Janine is known for her girl/girl scenes, which she did exclusively for the first part of her career. They she decided to do girl/guy scenes and “Maneaters” is the beginning of that. It features her very first girl/guy scene, which yes, is very hot, but it also features a series of interviews with Janine. In the interviews you get to see a side of her that you don’t get to see in any of her movies. This may not be important to some people but it is to me.

Then I got fascinated with Sunrise Adams. Sunrise is 21 now and was brought into the porn industry at the tender age of 18 by her famous aunt, Sunset Thomas. She’s an absolutely beautiful girl who has a beautiful round figure. She’s done a great amount of movies and has come far in her career for a girl so young. Showcase has a show called “Porno Valley” that features real lives of porn actress, of which one is Sunshine. Sunrise is a real party girl who loves her boyfriend but would leave him behind in a heartbeat if he dared to tell her that she couldn’t do what she loves – pornography.

I guess the thing I like about porn star documentaries is that I like to see that they are real people. I like to know that it is possible to work in the sex industry and still have a life. And I think that viewers tend to forget that people who work in sex do have lives. That we are real people with feelings. Sex is our job. It may be a job we love but it is still a job and we have completely separate lives outside of that. We help people indulge in their fantasies in a safe manner and we help couples explore their dreams, needs, and wants. But there is more to us than just that.

So when you watch a porn star or you read an erotic story, remember that. We are real people whose work happens to be sex. Just because words like “fuck”, “cunt”, “cock”, and, “fuck me” roll off our tongue easier than the l-word (and I don’t mean lesbian) does for most people, doesn’t mean you can disrespect us. It doesn’t mean you can phone us, email us, or otherwise approach us and tell us how you’re going to…(fill in the blank here, we’ve heard it all). That is disrespectful.

If you are interested in us, in who we are, talk to us like you would anybody else. We’re people, too.

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