Thursday, March 29, 2007

Peeking into Verdanna's Diary

Welcome to Verdanna's Diary. I don't think I've ever shared this with my blog readers before so here is one of the exerpts. Verdanna's Diary is a free on-going serial at Inky Blue Allusions. To give you a little back ground information:

Verdanna has been deprived of any sexual contact for the past year while she has been on a reality show that has documented all of her deprivation. She willingly gave up her toys, her boyfriends, her girlfriends, and even the special joys of a shower with multi-speed setting and a pulsating jet stream. After a year of no sexual contact, she is ready to resurrect her Little Red Book and hit the town with a renewed appreciation for all life has to offer.


I finally gave up and moved out of the Sharmont yesterday. It seemed like I couldn’t escape everyone that wanted my attentions. I got invited to one of Danny and Denise’s dinner parties, which involved very little dinner and a lot of party. I did turn them down, but that same night my ex-boyfriend Trevor insisted on taking me out to celebrate my freedom. As celebrations tend to do, it turned into a bit too much champagne and another all night sex-fest.

So I decided that moving out of the Sharmont was the best idea. I checked into The Bestern last night. No one would expect to find me here because it was a rather quiet families-on-vacation type of place; kidney shaped swimming pool surrounded by balconies with poor lighting and chipped blue paint on the railings; mommies and daddies and kiddies and striped beach balls. There was no chance of anyone trying to seduce me here.

Yesterday afternoon, I hung out by the pool with a good book. I wasn’t trying to get attention, but could I help it if the only bathing suit I had with me was a cute little striped string bikini?

I didn’t even notice the cute little family come out on the deck until the little girl was standing beside me. Her long dark pig-tails were dripping onto my things. The oil I’d put on earlier caused the water to slide right off.

“My ball is under your chair,” she said.

“Don’t move,” her dad was saying as I tried to reach for it. “I’ll get it.”

He moved to the other side of the chair and crouched down to reach for it. His face was right next to my thigh and his eyes traveled the length of my legs, over my bare stomach and stopped not-so-discreetly at my breasts.

As he stood, I took in his stocky build, the hairy chest, and a deep tan that likely came from working outside. Not usually my type, but there was something primal about him that made me want to bend over and offer my goods to be fucked.

His wife called over, “Charlie, did you find the ball?”

“We’ve got it Mummy!” the little girl called, as her father passed it to her.

“Thanks,” he said. He was still looking directly at my tits, barely contained in the tiny bra top.

I watched him walk back to the wife. She was sitting at an umbrella table in a t-shirt that came almost to her knees. When she got up to meet her daughter, the sunlight behind her slowed that she was hiding a full figure; not a model’s figure, but full breasts and a bubble butt that so many men loved. If she hadn’t been hiding herself, maybe he wouldn’t have been looking at me.

I felt bad for both of them and I vowed never to be in that position, even if it meant I’d never get married. I decided I’d had enough sun and went up to my room for a nap.

I woke up from a dream where I’d been on the brink of a wonderful orgasm. I reached my hands between my thighs to find that I was quite wet. I could have just finished things off with my fingers but I decided I wanted something more fulfilling.

I had my black vibrator, about 9” long with a real cock shape, in my hand when I heard voices. Not loud, but not happy voices either. I went out the balcony, still not wearing a thing, and saw the room across from me with the light on. I recognized the stocky build that kneeled next to the figure on the bed. I was just in time to see her slap his hand away from her ass.

He stood slowly in defeat, running his hands through his hair. With his head hung low, he turned and walked out onto the balcony. He didn’t even notice me at first, so I had time to go back inside and mind my own business, but no. I couldn’t resist the possibility of an audience. I stood there silently, posed with my hands over my breasts and the vibratory resting between them. Then he looked up and I knew I just wanted to make this poor man feel a little better.

He saw me, looked over his shoulder to assure himself that his wife was sleeping, and then looked back with a big smile.

I smiled back encouragingly and began to caress my breasts. My nipples were hard in the cool night air. I positioned the lawn chair in a way that I thought would give him the best view. I lay back in the lounger with my legs spread wide and ran the tip of the vibrator through my wetness. I hoped he didn’t need a long show because I was so hot from my dream it wasn’t going to take me long to get off.

I looked over to see if he was still with me. He was. His cock was in his hand and he seemed to have found a position with a good view. I decided to close my eyes and just enjoy being watched.

The black vibratory slid easily into my pussy as my fingers rubbed my clit. Instead of sliding the vibrator in and out of my cunt, I held the vibrator steady and raised my hips to take it in. Knowing that I wouldn’t last long, I opened my eyes so that I could watch him stroking his cock as I came.

I was surprised to find that I now had two spectators. Apparently, his wife had changed her mind because she was now standing behind him. She was stroking his cock and watching as I swiveled my hips around the vibrator. I temporarily lost my rhythm but regained it.

When she took her hand away from his cock, he turned to look at her. She kissed him gently, and then bent over a chair, presenting herself to him just as I thought about doing earlier.

He wasted no time sliding his tool inside her in one swift movement. She groaned loud enough for me to hear and turned to look at me as if to say, “He’s mine.”

I came as he drover his cock roughly into her, repeatedly taking what he knew was his.

I guess I’m checking out this morning.

If you enjoyed this story stop by Verdanna's Diary at Inky Blue Allusions to read what comes before and after!

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