Saturday, March 17, 2007

Top Ten Responses You Don't Want

This is a repost from a little more than a year ago. I was feeling pretty rough because I'd just ended a relationship that was supposed to be just for fun. So, I swore off sex. For six months. Well, of course, what happened? I met my "meant to be" and apparently swearing off sex was not meant to be! I caved after about two and a half months.

Anyway, I thought this was a rather fitting post as my fiance and I are celebrating our met-one-year-ago date (it was yesterday). Enjoy.


Top Ten Responses you don't want from people when you tell them you are swearing off sex!

1. Laughter - laughter is not a good thing at this point.

2. Be speechless.

3. Start a pool on when you'll cave in.

4. Fall down.

5. Choke on their food.

6. Ask the person next to them to pinch them because they think they are still dreaming.

7. Write down the date because they want to preserve this day for the history books.

8. Send out consolation cards.

9. Start writing your obituary.

10. Phone the mental health ward at the hospital

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Sara Winters said...

I think you forgot 1. they ask if you have enough batteries in your drawer to last through three hurricanes 2. Calling a friend to ask if THEY believe it and 3. Tempt you to break the vow once they realize you're serious.