Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Favorite Toy

Have you got a vibrating bullet (sometimes called a vibrating egg)? If not this is a toy that every couple should have in their Tickle Trunk. Every single gal, too, but let's focus on couples for today.

What do you do with it? Try these:

1. When you're going down on your man, take his member as fully into your mouth as you are comfortable with. Then rest the vibrator against your cheek. This will give the concept of "hummer" a whole new meaning!

2. Again, while perfoming oral sex on your man, stimulate his testicle or pernium with it. These are very sensitive spots so you'll want to minimize the vibrations either with your hand, a specialized sleeve you can buy in a sex store, or a clean piece of fabric.

3. Clitoral stimulation – the man or the woman can stimulate the clitories from many positions (cowgirl, doggie style, missionary, spooning…). The man will also feel some of these vibrations on the base of his cock as he slides inside her.

4. Clitoral or anal stimulation during oral sex. Women have the majority of their nerves in the anal and clitoral regions. When either or both of these sensitive zones are stimulated during oral sex it can increase the intensity of her orgasm. This can also be a great way to introduce anal play in the bedroom (for her OR for him!).

5. Advanced Tickle Trunk play. This is a favorite of mine, but I'd really only suggest it with a partner you are already comfortable with. There are two variations: A) Penis in vagina, bullet in rectum. You must use lube and your must use a condom on your toy. The lube – well, no explanation needed. The condom will keep your toy clean (fecal matter can be very difficult to remove from anything with a cord!) and the condom will allow you to pull it out without putting undue stress on the cord. You can insert the bullet first or you can have your partner slide it in as your ride him cowgirl style or as he enters you from behind. B) Bullet in vagina, anal penetration. Same guidelines as above apply, however, I might suggest using a female condom for this as it is entire possible for a male condom to slip inside. Suggested for variation A as well. Either variation can be incredibaly pleasurable for both partners as it allws the woman to have multiple pleasure zones stimulated and the man gets to experience a different sor of stimulation he many not have had the pleasure of before.

Ready to play but you don't have the toy yet? Go HERE to check out some bullets and get stocked up on LUBE and CONDOMS while you're at it!

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Deliciously Naughty said...

I agree wholeheartedly with you. I reviewed the silver bullet on my site a while ago, and I just can't say enough good things about it.

Love love love my silver bullet.

I was in Good Vibrations recently and discovered that they're now making bullets with replacable egg/cords. I don't know about you, but the shelf life isn't great for my bullets (and it's usually the motor in the egg that goes) so being able to just replace the cord/egg and not the control at a lower price than replacing the whole thing is very attractive.