Sunday, April 29, 2007


I'm finding more and more that my "real job" is getting in the way of my freelance work! That's a good thing though right?

Today I am putting in major writing time to make a deadline that has been assigned to me because someone else screwed it up. That feels good because I feel like clients can count on me. By the end of today I will have completed upwards of 10,000 words. That is good to know that I can do that (assuming that I can push past the pain and get it all done!). I was worried for some time that I might not be able to.

But, I also need to find time to get some blogs ready for next week. I've taken over as the Between the Sheets blogger at 451 Press and I need to stick to a committed schedule. Not something I'm used to. Blogging has always been extra-curricular up until this point. Now it is part of a job. But that's ok. I still love it and I'm glad to have a chance to do this. Go check out Between the Sheets and leave some comments! We want them to think I'm popular right?

Speaking of blogging, for those of you who love Verdanna's Diary it is available in blog format now as well. Just a little something to make reading easier for you. The big issue is that I need to write some new episodes!

I also had an opportunity to pick up some other bloggin gigs this weekend for some really decent pay but I don't know how much time I'll have to do it. Depends on how long it takes me to hit this deadline!

I think the time has come for me to realize that the day job has to go. I just have to decide when.

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