Thursday, April 26, 2007

Outdoor Sex

I've always fantasized about outdoor sex but it is one fantasy that has yet to be fulfilled. More particularly I love the idea of having sex in the rain. Outdoor sex in the rain - is there anything sexier than that. Summer Rain especially is so sexy - the warmth, the wetness. In case you hadn't guessed, that's what inspired my short story, Summer Rain, and the short poem that goes with it.

Outdoor sex is all about freedom and the ability to completely let go. But in a way, too, it's about the possibility of getting caught!

Here's a flash fictions piece for you to enjoy:

Rained Out
by Autumn Seave

The rain clouds were coming in fast as we gathered up our picnic belongings. We were laughing as we dropped items into the middle of the blanket and gathered the corners. Apparently we didn't do a very good job though because things kept falling out and we had to stop to retrieve them.

We were only about a yard from the car when the rain fell in sheets over us. We were drenched in moments, clothes sticking to our sun drenched skin.

As I rushed to put our stuff in the trunk, I realized that he was just standing there staring.

I slammed the trunk and said, "Well, are we going?"

"Not yet."

He pressed me against the back of the car and his mouth was on mine in a deep, wet kiss that made me forget about my wet clothes.

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Lucy Felthouse said...

Sex in the rain?? Check out the link on my site to 'Wet & Willing' - my first published story about that very thing :)