Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Summer Rain

This is the very first erotic story I'd ever written. I really was going to university that year and the heat was suffocating and then, finally, the rain would come - and so would I! Enjoy!

Summer Rain

The heat had been intolerable for the past week and most people opted to wear either as little clothing as possible or loose clothing that wouldn’t stick to their bodies. Summer classes were no joy in the middle of summer but my two new friends made it easier to deal with. Shauna had a fabulous sense of humor and a mouth that could make a sailor homesick for his ship. Liam was a preppy, typical-looking young man whose talents lay in his appreciation of two things: satire and women. I had never met a man who loved women so much; small-breasted women and big-breasted ones, skinny bottoms and full, fleshy bodies – he loved them all.

Liam had been flirting mercilessly with Shauna and I all summer. So far, I had been warding off his advances with the excuse that he was just too young. At twenty-nine, his twenty-one seemed like robbing the cradle. Shauna on the other hand had no problems with the few years that separated them. She flirted back and hinted at what she would do with him if she ever got him alone.

It was a Friday afternoon and the three of us were headed to class when the first drops of rain began to fall. Just before we reached the building, the rain turned into a downpour that drenched us through within seconds.

I paused at the entrance to the building and said, “Screw this. I’ve been waiting for rain for weeks and I’m not going to waste it now.”

“What do you mean?” asked Liam.

“I can’t resist rain. I love it. I guess you could say it turns me on.”

“Really?” asked Shauna. “What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to Bergman’s Creek to go skinny dipping in the rain. Anyone else game?”

“Sure!” they replied in unison.

And that is how the three of us ended up sitting on the big rock in the middle of Bergman’s Creek, naked as the day we were born. Liam sat in the middle looking back and forth. He looked like a puppy dog sitting in a pile of Kibbles and Bits.

Shauna looked at me, looked at him and then looked back at me. Finally she said, “Damn, you have gorgeous breasts girl. Even I want to reach out and touch them.”

I laughed and said, “And what makes you think that I would allow that? What have you done to earn that right?”

She was silent for a moment, not sure of what I was asking. “What would I have to do to earn that right?”

“You would have to show me that you have obedience and can follow directions and prove that you are deserving of the privilege of my body.”

I was starting to like this game. I looked down at Liam’s member to see it growing to a full seven and a half inches. Obviously, he liked this game, too.

“What shall I do to prove my worthiness?” Shauna asked.

“You can begin by calling me Ma’am and showing a little respect.”

She bowed her eyes and answered, “Yes Ma’am. What can I do to please you Ma’am?” Shauna asked.

“Stand before me.”

She rose to her feet.

“Lower your eyes. Do not look directly at me unless I give you permission to.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

She stood before me, eyes lowered respectfully. He body stood straight, shoulders back, breasts pointed forward. Within the small area of the rock, I walked slowly around her. Her breasts were small, but alert with hard, erect nipples. I reached over to one perky point and pinched it hard and her buttocks contracted in surprise. I pinched the other one and then ran my palms lightly over her now sensitized nipples.

Liam was enjoying his view, sitting between our standing bodies, and his hand had wandered over to his now fully engorged cock.

I turned away from her to face him. Pushing him back into a laying position, I removed his hands, saying, “You must be patient. You will be taken care of soon enough.”

Turning back to her, I pinched each nipple again several times. Then I lowered my mouth to let my tongue flick quickly over her sensitized nipples. Now she groaned audibly. I stepped back for a moment to admire her long, lithe body, her eyes closed as she awaited my next touch, the rain coursing over her naked body making it glisten in the sunlight that occasionally peeked through the clouds.

“Now, get down on your knees and show me what you can do to give Liam a little enjoyment.”

She quickly got to her knees and positioned herself in front of Liam’s laying figure. I took a position at his head where I could watch, crouching only inches from his face. Her tongue reached out and teased the head of his cock, which twitched in anticipation. Then, the head disappeared between her lips, and then more and more until she had encompassed the entire shaft in her mouth. As I watched, my finger reached down to flick lovingly over my clit.

As I began to dip my fingers in and out of the moistness, I looked down at Liam’s face to see that he was watching me. I allowed him to reach up with his beautiful long fingers to run them throughout the folds of my lips. I spread my lips in invitation and two of his fingers disappeared inside of me. As I fucked his fingers I could see her watching, her mouth full of his cock. Her eyes were round. Her ass was raised in the air, warm rain running down the crack of her ass and teasing her pussy.

“Now Shauna, turn around and straddle him.”

She did as I asked and I walked around to his feet so that I could see her face.

“Lower yourself onto his cock very slowly. Liam, you may help, but you must control yourself and not move too fast. You must not cum until I tell you to.”

As his thick member entered her pussy, wet with rain and excitement, she closed her eyes.

“No! Keep your eyes open! Look into my eyes so I can see your excitement build. Do not cum until I tell you to.”

Crouching before her I brought my body close to hers. Our nipples rubbed together as I leaned in to kiss her full on the mouth. Her tongue reached out to mine, as she tasted a woman’s mouth for the first time. As he pumped the full length of his rod slowly in and out of her, I reached down to flick my thumb over her engorged clit. She moaned and I kissed her harder.

I reached behind her with one hand and beneath him with the other and began to massage the entrances to their back tunnels.

Liam moaned, “I can’t hold back much longer!”

“Then now is the time. Fuck her hard and cum – both of you!”

Almost before the words were even out of my mouth, they began to shudder in release, their orgasms made more powerful by my wandering hands.

I stood and clapped. “Congratulations,” I said. “You have both won my approval. Now you may attend to me and make me feel the pleasure you have both reached.”

“You may use tongues and fingers to make me feel as good as I have just allowed you to feel.”

They wasted no time. Despite Shauna’s inexperience, she was eager to taste my musky aroma. Her tongue was soon tentatively flicking over my clit. Liam wasted not time in attending to my full breasts, sucking and nibbling at one nipple and rolling the other nipple between his thumb and forefinger. They switched places so that Liam could attend to my goodie box with his expert and appreciative tongue. Shauna’s mouth flew to my breast and with a woman’s knowledge she used just the right amount of teeth and firmness on my hardened nipples. Her hand went beneath Liam’s eager mouth and soon her fingers were deep inside me. At first only two, then three and then four. I raised my hips so as to have more of her inside of me and in doing so gave Liam access to my dark cavern. Between the rain and my wetness, he had no problem insinuating his long digit into my dark, tight cavern.

All of a sudden, the rain began to come down harder, pelting over my naked body. Fingers were moving faster and faster inside both of my tunnels and mouths and lips moving generously over my clit and my breasts. I soon felt my body begin to shudder and shake as wave after wave swept over me. The continued their ministrations until finally my body relaxed.

Minutes later, one of them lying on either side of me, Shauna said, “Ma’am?”


“Now I understand why you think rain is so sexy!”

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