Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Letter to my Love

My Dearest,

I couldn't help thinking about you last night. Our conversations on the phone throughout the day were making me crazy. I swore I was going to stay away from the toys and save myself for you but I broke.

I started with my fingers, pulling at my nipples, gently rubbing my clit. My fingers dipped inside my pussy and I was so wet thinking about you and that glorious tongue and the way you finger fuck me.But it wasn't enough.

I want the feeling you give me when you are hard inside me. I can't duplicate that with any toy but my imagination helps. Out came that black vibrator and my mini-bullet. A little lube and I was set to go.

I rubbed the bullet over my clit for a few moments and thought of your tongue and how you flicker it against me. Then I lubed up that vibrator . . . and pointed it straight at my little brown rose bud.

I balanced under my knees, imagining myself straddling you in a reverse cowboy. I reached between my legs to position myself over that cock and kept the image of your cock at the ready at my back door in my mind. Slowly, ever so slowly, I began to lower my clenched hole over the tip of that cock.

I took more and more inside my dark tunnel until it was as deep inside me as I could get it.Then, as I began to ride it, thinking about how your hips would rock as you pushed your way inside me, I turned on the bullet. I could almost feel your finger dip inside my cunt and play over my hard nub. My mind screamed, "Fuck me, fuck my ass baby!" and I rode that cock a little harder.

It didn't take long before my muscles began to clench around the tool in my ass. Even though there was no one there to hear me, I was moaning out loud, "Yes, baby, yes. Give it all to me!" and wondering if any of my neighbors lurked outside my bedroom window. As I remembered the heat of the fullness of your hand smacking my bottom with increasing firmness, I came hard, muscles convulsing and sucking that cock deeper into my cavern.

I miss you so much baby.

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Anonymous Erotica Writer said...

Hi there ... I visited here accidentally as I wrote in my own blog address incorrectly (Duh!) .. nice writing. Do you want to co-link?