Sunday, July 23, 2006

New Inky Blue Allusions Feature

I've decided to add some Free Stories to my website. Some of them have already been shown here but there are some more that I haven't posted. I'm sure you'll enjoy them so take some time to check them out.

I've also added a new link - Anonymous Erotica Writer - to your right, so go check her out while your at it!

Is it worth it to you to pay for quality erotica rather than just reading the free stuff that comes with incomplete sentences and poor grammar and sad punctuation? Or does the free stuff give you all you need? Leave a comment and let me know - I'm truly curious!


Anonymous Erotica Writer said...

Hi there ... thanks for popping by ... we are 'linked' and I have posted an entry to highlight you too! Good luck!

rebeleyeball said...

I found you through anonymous erotia writer. I like your blog. I write novels, mostly character-based thrillers. The thing we have in common is that I don't shy away from my character's sexuality.