Monday, May 21, 2007

Marriage and Honeymoons

My wedding is coming soon and in less than one week I will be called by a different name. That's cool. I'm very excited about it and I couldn't be more thrilled to be taking this step. But the actual wedding? I'm kind of wishing we'd run off to Vegas and eloped.

I'm not a planner. I don't plan things. I just do them. I don't make big plans to go out unless someone pushes me to commit to them. I don't plan birthday parties. Most of my kids parties have consisted of, "Oh, your birthday is this weekend. Did you want a party? Ok, go call your friends and see who can come on Saturday night." Cakes are made the night before at the last minute. There are not streamers, no decorations. Some might feel sorry for my kids but they don't mind. It's the same way throughout the rest of the year. They know that I don't plan ahead so I don't expect them to do a lot of planning for having friends over or whatever. It works for us.

So, when I finally realized that this wedding just wasn't going to happen if I was left in charge, I handed the reigns over to my sister. "It's all yours," I said. "I trust your judgement." And I do. I have no doubt that it will be twice as fabulous as it ever would have been if I had been in charge.

Now, the honeymoon - that's a different story. I like planning for that. What have I planned? A great hotel room where we can play all day and night, lots of new toys, and some great movies. That's all I need. He's thrilled that he doesn't have to go see a bunch of boring shows or do a bunch of sight seeing. We might do a little gambling at the nearby casino, we might go for a drive so take some naughty pictures out in the secluded countryside of the quiet location we've chosen (a new digital camera will be our wedding gift to us!), or we might rent some pay-per-view movies.

So, if I'm absent for a week, that's why. Don't miss me too much!

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