Saturday, May 19, 2007

Office Masturbation - part two

"Man," Zach thought to himself, "This job just couldn't be any easier."

What his job technically was called was something like Departmental Overseer of Something-or-other but he knew it was a made up job. His aunt had helped him get the job about a year ago when he'd graduated from university. He wasn't exactly qualified since he had no real life experience but he soon found out that keeping the job had nothing to do with his qualifications. The company was made of up mostly of women and that made things very easy for him.

He found it especially easy to move up in the company by flirting with the older women in charge and Dolores was no different. The crazy woman actually believed that when he was flirting with her he actually wanted her. He was sure he could get her to promote him if it meant staying on the same floor. While he was sure she was someone's taste, she wasn't his. His taste? It ran more along the lines of Amanda.

Amanda was in advertising and she was blonde and just as picture perfect as anyone could possibly imagine. And damned if his charms did not work on this girl. He smiled, he wore nice snug pants for her, he used his best lines that had a no-fail success rate on any other woman. But not her. And that just made him hotter.

Today he saw her talking to Denise, Dolores' assistant. Denise was laughing and Amanda was leaning over just enough so that he could barely see the beginning of some thigh beneath her skirt. That was enough to get his mind reeling and he imagined those long legs wrapped around his waist as he slid into what he could only imagine would be heaven. But when he came beside her the conversation came to a sudden halt. Even making light conversation and telling one of his best stories couldn't put the smiles on their faces. So he left.

He headed down to the second floor men's washroom. It was usually deserted because it was at the end of a long hallway and it just always seemed inconvenient. He wanted to be alone while he got some release and no one would think to look for him here.

In the last stall, he pulled out his cock and it was hard in moments as he thought of Amanda's long blonde hair and those legs he was craving. He wanted her so badly and if he ever got her he was going to make sure she begged for it. First he'd get her to suck him off. Imagining her down on her knees with her mouth full of him made him harder and he stroked himself firmly. He didn't want to spend too much time here because he knew damn well that pretty boys like him could be replaced.

He quickly got her off her knees and bent her over, facing away from him. He stroked a little faster as he imagined her whimper as he slid two fingers into her from behind.

"Do you want it? All this time you've been brushing me off you really have wanted me to fuck you haven't you?"

"Yes, I need you Zach. I need you to fill me. Please, now!"

And then he gave her ass a nice firm smack - hard enough to leave a hand print that made her pretty porcelain cheeks turn bright red.

Her squeal was so satisfying that he did it again.

"Please Zach. Fuck me. Take me. I'll never ignore you again. I'm yours..."

As his stokes grew quicker he knew he was going to come any second. He kept his mind focused on that pretty ass bent over in front of him. He wanted to time this just right. Faster yet, and he began to feel that familiar tension in his balls. Then he was driving his cock deep into her pussy, filling her all the way, feeling his balls slap against her thighs. As he heard her moans and the sounds of skin on skin, he came hard.

Most of it hit the toilet but some hit the back of the toilet seat. He cleaned up and headed back to work. He was going to have her. She just didn't know it yet.

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Amy said...

This is great! Eagerly awaiting Amanda's story!