Thursday, May 17, 2007

Office Masturbation - part one

Sitting in an office all day was driving her crazy. But getting to see Zach walk around in those snug fitting sweaters he always wore with the pants that hugged his ass just right made the day pass a little bit faster. Pretty soon, watching turned into flirting. Flirting turned into some serious innuendo that would likely have gotten her fired if the higher ups knew how close she was to taking advantage of one of her staff.

What she really wanted was to shove him down to the leather couch in her executive office and fuck the hell out of him, but she only had five years left to an early retirement at 50 and she was damned if she was going to screw that up for a hot lay. If she wanted a guy half her age she could head out to any one of the clubs and pick one up but she knew that this wouldn't be worth the risk. She also knew that Zach was one of many and that her little case of the hots would soon pass.

So, when she really couldn't handle it anymore, she told her administrative assitant, Denise, that she needed a power nap and to hold her calls. She'd lock her office door, pull down the blinds (even though she was on the thirtieth floor and no one could see in, but she liked the darkness), and get out her favorite vibrator from the locked drawer in her desk.

She loved this thing. It was thick and about 8" long and had the greatest vibrations. It was almost as good as getting fucked by a real cock and with that baby she could really get into a good fantasy.

This Friday just happened to be one of those days. She'd seen Zach three times already that day and her pussy was just dripping by about 3 pm. So, calls were put on hold and the drawer was unlocked. The door was locked and she put some relaxing music on the radio. Then, she lay back on the leather couch, inhaled the rick leather scent, and pulled her panties off.

She started by rubbing the soft skin of the vibrator through the folds of her pussy as she imagined Zach getting naked in front of her. She could see his cock pointing at her until he got down on his knees and began to lick and nibble at her breasts. She turned the vibration up a notch and imagined him moving down to her pussy. She could almost feel his tongue flicking over her clit.

She was really revved up though and she just wanted to get off so she could concentrate and get some work done. So she slid the tip of the vibrating cock just inside her lips and in her head, she heard herself say, "Zach, just get down to business and fuck me already. This isn't a date you know."

He wasted no more time and drove his tool full to the hilt inside her. As she pumped the vibrator deep as she could take it, her inner voice cried out, "Yes, Zach. That's a good boy. Fuck me like you've been wanting to all these months." And he did.

She had one leg over the back of the couch and the other spread out into the middle of the floor. Her fingers rubbed her clit furiously and she turned the vibrator up full blast. Zach pumped away like a good little boy toy and she bucked her hips against her cyber-skin lover.

As she came hard, imagining Zach's tool shooting his load inside her, she muffled her moans so that Denise wouldn't hear her.

She rested for a moment, turned the vibrator off, and then got up to put it away. She cleaned it off with a soft cloth that she'd take home and wash later. Then she put the vibrator back in its case and picked up the phone.

"Thanks Denise. I feel much better. Can you get John Stacy on the line for me?"

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Al Sensu said...

Wow, that's delicious. If I didn't work in a cubicle...

Anonymous said...

That was wonderful. I love being naughty in my office every chance I get. ;)

Ruby said...

I've been known to masturbate at work as well, sometimes you just can't wait! I can't risk noisy vibrators, though. Lucky you!

sweetshibari said...

That was wonderful. I'm very naughty in the office too. Though like ruby said, no vibrators or props .. just the basics. For women skirts are a must for easy access.