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Office Masturbation - part 3

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Amanda breathed a sigh of relief as Zach walked away. She was actually making progress with Denise today until Zach had turned up with his cheesy pick up lines and his wanna-be player stories. But Zach kind of ruined that.

She knew she wasn't going to get anywhere with Denise today so she spent a few minutes soothing her nerves by assuring her that Zach was not worth their time. She made a joke about the bulge in his pants likely being made of cotton and Denise laughed and blushed. She was so cute - she was borderline innocent.

"Now get back to work," Amanda told Denise. "I'll come and get you for coffee later this afternoon ok?"

But before that, Amanda needed to find a way to get rid of her sexual tension before she could meet Denise for coffee otherwise she might end up seducing her right there in the cafeteria. Amanda knew the day that Denise walked into the office that she wanted her. It had been years since she'd been this attracted to another woman but Denise was just her type.

Denise was very small and petite and she had that kind of lost little girl look that Amanda found difficult to resist. There were lots of women that tried on that look but very few that pulled it off as being genuine. And Denise was genuine. Her voice was soft and meek and she really was quite shy. Amanda found out that she'd moved here from a small town only a week before getting this job. She'd left her small town because she'd split up with her husband, who it seemed was really quite a schmuck. And the more time Amanda spent with her the more attracted to her she was.

She'd been working on Denise for a couple weeks now and she figured that Denise would be ready for the seduction by the weekend. And Amanda had it all planned out. But first she had to get rid of this tension and she had the perfect tool to do it.

She'd gotten a new toy in the mail just yesterday and she hadn't had a chance to use it yet. But it was in her purse and she'd bought it specifically for moments like this. It was a tiny little finger vibe and it had these delicious little nubs on the end. Just thinking about it was getting her all tingly so she grabbed her purse from her cubicle and headed to the copier room.

The copier room was on the far end of the hallway and had a lock on the door. Perfect for moments like this. Once the door was locked, Amanda leaned against the counter and proped one foot on the copier machine and slid her fingers into her panties. Oh, yes, she was definately a little wet. It only took a few moments for her to figure out how to put the vibe to use and she slid it through the wet folds of her lips.

Soon, she was slipping into her seduction fantasy. She'd give Denise just enough wine to help her relax. Then she'd make her move. As the vibe slid slowly hummed over her she felt her lips connect with Denise's, felt a slight resistance, and then her surrender as Denise melted into her. Their mouths and tongues were wine-sweet and Amanda could only imagine the sounds Denise would make upon learning how much fun girl kisses could be.

Then Amanda would slide her hands under Denise's shirt. She'd imagined touching those small breasts many times and could almost feel the nipple grow hard in her hands. The clothing would come off and as Amanda tasted that perfect little nub and sucked it into her mouth, she moved the vibe faster over her clit. Oh - this baby was so good.

In her mind, it didn't take Amanda much time to get Denise naked but in real life she was planning to make it last. She knew that Denise was going to need some delicate treatment. But as she got closer to orgasm, she sped things along. With Denise laying naked and exposed on the faux-fur rug in her living room, she wasted no time sliding her fingers inside her. She was wet and wanting, so Amanda slid another finger in. And then she went for what she really wanted.

Amanda's mouth went straight for that little pearl peeking out from beneath the hood and kissed it gently. Denise moaned and raised her hips to her, wanting more. In the copier room, Amanda was working her new toy and it flickered and buzzed quickly over her own clit. Her panties were soaked with her juices and her hips rocked furiously.

Amanda sucked Denise's clit harder into her mouth and Denise made that sweet little mewing sound that comes naturally to only a few women. Her hands moved up to tease Denise's perk nipples, squeezing them as her tongue began to flicker faster and faster. Denise's hips rocked and as she came, Amanda gripped the counter top and stiffled a moan. She exploded from within as she imagined the taste of Denise filling her mouth. Yes, yes...

Then someone was at the door, which of course was locked. As Amanda regained her composure, there was a knock and she heard someone ask, "Is everything ok in there?"

Amanda opened the door to see Frank standing there. Frank was an older gentleman with salt and pepper hair. He looked her over in a fatherly way. Seeing her flushed complexion, he said, "Are you ok Amanda?"

Thinking quickly, she said, "Oh, I'm ok now Frank. I just found out that my dog back home died and I guess it just kinda hit me. I just needed a little cry. I'll be fine."

"Oh, I'm so sorry dear. Are you sure you don't want to go home? I could talk to Bill for you."

"No, thanks Frank. I'll be fine. I do need to get back to work now though."

"Ok, take care dear."
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